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Cooks And Catering

Brigita Caters – blacovara at Brigita loves cooking for retreats because of the intimacy, transformation and connections they create. She is passionate about food that supports the work of the participants, nourishing their hearts and souls.  Private chef, catering and education, guests love her wonderful food from organic, locally-sourced, wild-crafted ingredients.  blacovara at

Chris Theberge – Chris has a passion for nutrient dense, savory and soul satisfying food – offering a range of delights from raw foods to real foods/traditional diets. A trained holistic chef, she worked in the San Francisco Bay Area as a catering chef for 10 years. She is particularly interested in locally sourced and high vibrational foods for digestion and health including probiotic foods. Chris is also a VortexHealing™Divine Energy Healing practitioner. 415-290-2707.

Casey Eason – Casey enjoys cooking for groups in the same setting for several days. His style is simple, clean, light and memorable. He can cook anything and everything, loves multiple courses, loves doing fish, (which he can get super fresh twice weekly,) and loves creating amazing desserts, keeping flour and dairy to a minimum. Casey has cooked for everyone from Barack Obama to Chris Hastings. He’s been a chef on large private yachts that travel through the Caribbean to Bonaire, and he’s also worked extensively in Vail, Park City, and Martha’s Vineyard. Or Instagram: @kc_eason.

Cooking Studio Taos – Chris and Valerie Maher. Cook with James Beard recognized chef or have him cook for you. Chris specializes in hands-on cooking classes, team building, private chef services and private dinners featuring cuisine from all over the world. 575-776-COOK.

Yoga Classes

Soma Yoga – Brigita Lacovara – blacovara at A deeply relaxing somatic experience.  Inspired by the Feldenkrais Method and a style of health yoga from the SriKali Ashram in India, this class rewires the brain and the nervous system for connections within the body and within our lives.

Rise & Shine Yoga – Brigita Lacovara – blacovara at For all levels/body types, learn the fundamentals, gain mobility and strength, and understand your body better.

Slow-Burn Vinyasa – Brigita Lacovara – blacovara at A challenging vinyasa class holding postures and slowing transitions between poses to keep awareness in body.

Massage And Other Forms Of Healing Work

Astrology Readings – Elizabeth Brownrigg – 575-758-2758,,
Clairvoyant Readings/Healings – Elizabeth Brownrigg – 575-758-2758,, Connect with yourself and your desires. Remove old patterns and beliefs. Create the life you want.
Reconnective Healing ® – Elizabeth Brownrigg – 575-758-2758,, With Dr. Eric Pearl’s method, receive energy healing to reconnect your broken DNA strings and strands for a truly wholistic realignment.

Taos Rocks – Ana Chavez- 575-751-3309. Massage and hot stone therapy.

Advanced Intuitive Bodywork, Subtle Body Energetic Healing, Shamanic Soul
Recovery work, and Channeled Guidance Wisdom
– Robyn O’Boyle – 575-779-

Barepause Bodywork – Sarah Torinus –, Slow down, turn inward, rest, and receive. I help
facilitate your deep relaxation, lessen your muscular tension, and assist your nervous
system with regulation. Leave each session feeling held in your healing, restored in your
energy, and at ease in your body.

Facials by Jill – Jill Moore – 575-770-2445. Organic facials, waxing, lash/brow tinting.

Acupuncture – Ana Easter, DOM, RN – 575-999-5950. Energy healing with
acupuncture, sound healing and essential oils.

Primitive Skills Classes – Dustin Freyta, (Facebook: Yaniwa Josto) – 575-770-9308. Learn basic survival skills from a Native, such as fire making, archery, instinct shooting, hunting, tracking, building shelter, flint knapping, land reading, navigation, survival first aid. 15 years experience. Classes last 3-4 hours.

Spirit Animal Readings – Christina Hart Balding – FaceBook and Instagram, 505-692-4169. Personal spirit animal readings from a practicing Mother Earth priestess and shaman. I specialize in inner child shadow work and getting you in touch with the natural energetic medicine that you have always carried. We will go over your totem and power animals that can help you get to know yourself better.

Empowering Alchemy – Robyn O’Boyle – 575-779-6802,,  Advanced cranial-sacral therapist, shamanic facilitator, Reiki master teacher,  reflexologist, intuitive bodyworker, sound healer.

Crystalline Harmonic – Brigita Lacovara – blacovara at  A rejuvenating and centering sound immersion. Guests lie down and listen to the alchemy of crystal bowls meeting the human voice. Transformed, each person receives just what s/he needs.

Polarity Therapy – Solange Leboucher – 575-613-0043.

Tibetan Bowl Sound Therapy – Jeremiah Glauser – 808-446-0845. “The body not
only needs touch, it needs sound therapy which enhances bio-acoustic frequency in the body.”

Music And House Concerts

DJ Adem Joel ademjoelmusic@gmail, Blending elemental aspects both organic and hyper-cosmic, ranging from tropical Afro house all the way down to subterranean sonic spectrum of ground rumbling baselines blended with enchanting melodic frequencies.  My Laay Lines Project is intended to connect us with the sonic pallet of the crystalline energy grid of the Earth and provide listeners with a way of reconnecting to our planet through dance and music.

Electronic Musician Vic Vic Hennegan has been writing, recording, producing and performing electronic music for years.  As a live performer he has done such shows as The Gathering Concert Series in Philadelphia, Cyberstockof Los Angeles, Ecstatic Dance, 5 Rhythms dance, Soul Motion, Northern California Dance Collective and many other venues around the world.  With computers, samplers, vocals and synthesizers, Hennegan’s instinctive hand creates the techno-trance and ambient music in a wildly fun, uplifting spiritual experience that will take your soul on a journey to the center of ecstasy.

N’GomaKundi- West African Percussion Group – contact Vanessa Morgan – 970-403-4150, Movement and rhythm are necessary for life.  The beating of our hearts, our breath, neurons firing at a certain tempo in our brain, and countless other functions all have rhythm.  Dis-Ease can be seen as a disorder in the bodily rhythm and loss of our connection to the universal rhythm of flow.  Trance dance and drumming support mending of the psyche, discovering knowledge of the Self, visioning and expansion of consciousness.  Just as our ancestors did, we can use the drum to restore balance and maintain physical, mental, and spiritual health within ourselves and our tribe.  It reduces stress, chronic pain, boosts immune function and deepens self-awareness and engenders a sense of connectedness with all of life.

Grace and Paul Jones – 575-377-5017. Amazing and poignant Native American flute music with drums.

Jeremiah Glauser– 808-446-0845, Bagpipes, mandolin, and penny whistles accompany his original music of love, loss, triumph, and the paradox of life itself.

Restaurants Near And Far

Carson Café & Grocery­ – 505-470-7420, great food, pizza, coffee, as well as beer/wine, (no carry
out), just 7 minutes away across from the Carson PO. Karaoke every Friday night! Very fun!

Artesian Restaurant at Ojo Caliente Spa & Mineral Springs ­– 25 minutes away, fabulous food,
beer and wine.

Medley Restaurant ­– 30 minutes away toward Arroyo Seco, great food, full bar and wine shop.

Martyrs Steakhouse ­– 40 minutes away in the center of Taos, great food, full bar.

Casa de Valdez ­– 40 minutes away near Ranchos, via Pilar, excellent New Mexican food, full bar.

Orlando’s ­– 35 minutes away in El Prado, excellent New Mexican food, beer/wine, gets busy!

Lambert’s of Taos ­– 40 minutes away, center of Taos, American fine dining, full bar

Stella’s Italian Restaurant ­– 40 minutes away, center of Taos good Italian food, beer/wine

Mondo Italiano ­– 45 minutes away, south side of Taos, good Italian food, full bar

We have numerous great cafes in and around Taos: Sol Food Café, Elevation, World Cup, Coffee Apothecary, Taos Valley Lodge Espresso Bar, and Koko, to name a few.

Adventure Within 30 Minutes

Ojo Caliente Spa & Mineral Springs – 505-583-2233,

Llama Trek Adventures – 1-800-758-LAMA (5262),

Rio Grande del Norte National Monument – Hiking trails.

La Cieneguilla Stables­– 575-751-2815, Hwy 68, Pilar, NM. Trail riding and lessons.

Los Rios River Runners – 575-776-8854,

Far Flung Adventures – 575-758-2628,

Big River Raft Trips – 800-RIVER-GO,

Eske’s Paradise Balloons, – 575-751-6098,

Cumbres y Toltec Scenic Railroad – 1-888-286-2737,, (60 mins away).

Other Activities

Taos Pueblo –

Taos Ski Valley ­–,

The Harwood Museum Foundation –

Puye Cliff Dwellings ­–­

Vietnam Veterans Memorial –

Taos Center for the Arts ­–

Bandelier National Monument ­ –

R.C. Gorman’s Navajo Gallery ­–

Museum Association of Taos –

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